Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
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KYIV, UKRAINE: According to a local defence official, Russian attacks on a military base in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro early Friday killed almost a dozen individuals and injured more than 30 others.
“Iskander missiles struck a national guard training centre this morning. Several people were killed. Unfortunately, around ten people were killed, and between 30 and 35 others were injured “The regional chief of the national guard, Gennady Korban, said local Ukrainian media.

Dnipro, in central Ukraine, spared the brunt of Russian forces’ damage in more than three months of war, and the city quickly became a centre for displaced Ukrainians escaping violence farther east.

Earlier, the region’s governor, Valentin Reznitchenko, stated that Friday’s strikes had caused “severe damages” and that rescue personnel were looking for individuals under the wreckage of destroyed buildings.

The strikes came after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced earlier this week that Russian strikes on a Ukrainian military installation north of the capital Kyiv on May 17 killed 87 people.

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