Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

As violent protests against the ‘Agnipath’ defence recruitment scheme erupted in several states, Union Minister and BJP leader Narendra Singh Tomar said on Friday that some political parties were attempting to “mislead” youths about the issue, and that the new plan would make the country’s human resources more skilled. He described the initiative as a substantial improvement in the recruiting process for the armed services, implemented after 75 years of independence.
The Agnipath initiative is a long-term strategy to train the country’s people resources. Tomar told reporters here that youths should grasp this. The Union Agriculture Minister was in Gwalior for a programme.

Every year, 46,000 adolescents will be enrolled into the armed forces for training under the Agnipath plan, and those who choose to stay in the army will be allowed to do so, while other career opportunities will be available in other sectors as well, according to Tomar. He stated that no path (for military enlistment) had been closed. Unnecessarily, certain political parties and individuals attempted to mislead the public.
The BJP leader did not specify which party he represented. Tomar claims that when Agniveers (as the scheme’s recruits are known) return after successfully completing four years of training, they would be treated like “diamonds” and will be offered positions in every field.

The government unveiled the ambitious initiative on Tuesday, stating that adolescents between the ages of 17 and a half and 21 years (upper age restriction extended to 23 years for 2022 recruiting process) will be admitted for a four-year term, with 25% of recruits kept for permanent duty. The government envisioned the new plan for recruiting personnel in the Army, Navy, and Air Force as a substantial revision of the decades-old selection procedure aimed at increasing the three services’ young profile. However, opposition leaders have criticised the programme, claiming that it will have a negative influence on the operation of the armed forces.

However, defence job applicants are dissatisfied with the short-term recruiting strategy, which does not include pension benefits, and have been demonstrating for several days around the country.

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