Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
Afghanistan's female TV presenters cover their faces

According to a Taliban directive, female TV presenters and reporters in Afghanistan went on broadcast with their faces covered on Sunday.

Some of them had violated the injunction the day before and kept their faces showing.

Women in the television industry, according to one presenter, have resisted, but their bosses have been put under pressure.

Following their takeover of power last year, the Taliban have tightened restrictions on women’s life in recent weeks.

Women presented and reported on news bulletins and other programmes on major stations like as TOLOnews, Ariana Television, Shamshad TV, and 1TV while wearing hijabs and face-covering veils.

“It’s OK that we are Muslims, that we wear hijab, that we hide our hair,” TOLOnews host Farida Sial told the BBC, “but it’s really difficult for a broadcaster to cover their face for two or three hours and talk like way.”

She expressed a desire for the international community to exert pressure on the Taliban to overturn the edict.

She stated, “They aim to eliminate women from social and political life.”

The Taliban’s Ministry for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue had previously mandated that all women in public wear a face cover or face penalty, which was extended to TV presenters on Saturday.

After several ladies initially refused to cooperate, a Taliban official stated that they would speak with the presenters’ supervisors and guardians, who may face punishment.

-Taliban forces female TV hosts to hide their faces.
-Taliban has put the newest limitation on women’s faces.
-Faces, bodies, and beards are being scrutinised on Kabul streets.
“We fought and were against wearing a mask,” Sonia Niazi, a TOLOnews broadcaster, told the AFP news agency.

She said, however, that the station was under duress and that if the female presenters did not cooperate, they would be relocated to other professions or fired.

“We are in tremendous pain today,” Khpolwak Sapai, the channel’s deputy director, said on Facebook.

“Today is another black day for the ladies of my country,” another female Afghan journalist, who did not want to be identified, told the BBC.

Many female presenters, according to a top TV executive, believe that the next step would be to remove them from the air totally.

The Taliban first looked to be taking a more lenient approach after seizing control of the nation in August last year, as most Muslims throughout the world do not regard women concealing their faces in public to be a required element of the faith.

However, in recent weeks, they have put a number of limitations on women’s life, including requiring them to visit public parks on different days and prohibiting them from travelling greater distances without a male companion.

News Source: BBC

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