Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Anupam Kher wants to assist a guy who is allegedly carrying his blind mother on his shoulder on various religious pilgrimages. The actor responded to a popular post about a guy allegedly going by the name of Kailash Giri Brahmachari. According to a well-known Indian tale about a man who carried his blind parents to a pilgrimage on his shoulders, he is being referred to as the modern-day Shravan Kumar.
His widely shared photo depicts him wearing a loincloth and carrying two baskets strapped to a bamboo on his shoulders. While their baggage is kept in the other basket, his mother is spotted seated in the other.

Sharing the picture of that man, Anupam wrote on Twitter on Monday, “The description in the pic is humbling! Pray it is true! So If anybody can find the whereabouts of this man please do let us know. The @anupamcares will be honoured to sponsor all his journeys with his mother to any pilgrimage in the country all his life. #MondayMotivation.”

Anupam’s fans were also impressed with the man. A fan wrote, “Quite a moment to stop and look at this man who instead The Kashmir Files by Vivek Agnihotri is where Anupam was last seen. The movie went on to become the greatest hit of the year, grossing over 300 crores globally. He just unveiled the poster for his forthcoming movie The Signature and began to work on Kaagaz, his follow-up of having nothing isn’t cribbing and doing his duty as a son, whereas we get puzzled with smallest of devoidance in life; Grandest salute to modern Shrawan Kumar and respect to @AnupamPKher for extending helping hand.” Another said, “Aaj ke Shravan Kumar…. Anupamji Ishwar se prarthana h ki unki aur aap ki jald mulakaat ho (we pray that you two get to meet soon).”

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