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India’s renowned tea franchise brand Chaai Seth is known for its unique tea flavors and innovative new menu.

This franchise, which is available in just 6 lakhs, has made a good mark in India. Recently, Chaai seth attracted everyone’s attention by offering a package of 50 crores for Agniveers.

Chaai seth is a New Delhi based tea franchise brand that offers 25 types of tea and fast food items like Burgers, Sandwiches, Maggi, Fries etc at affordable rates.

Recently, Chaai seth has introduced some new types of tea which are showing great results.

Founded by 24-year-old Arpit Raj, this brand has made its mark in the Indian market today. Apart from India, Chaai seth is also coming soon in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai and Muscat.

How is Chaai seth Franchise Different?

Chaai Seth is basically focused on ROI (Return of Investment) i.e. “Return on Investment” so that you can get better results with least cost and get back your cost investment as soon as possible. The company believes that right now there are also 18 – 20 lakh brands in the market for investing 18 – 20 lakhs, but if you look from the point of view of return on investment, it becomes a money trap, so Chaai seth can give better results and less cost to its franchisees. Focused on making better profits.

Expands the menu from time to time

Chaai seth after a lot of research fixes their menu prices and is always adding something new.

Chaai seth for its highest quality and taste has been recommended by the reputed Restaurant Guru in the past this year as well, Chaai Seth has been achieving this position continuously for the last 3 years.

How much can a franchisee earn

As we mentioned, the tea set is a brand focused on return on investment. Talking about earning, the location of the shop is considered to be the most important aspect.

The cost of food items of Chaai seth is 30/%, how the rest 30% of the other expenses go to the expenses like salary of the staff, rent of the shop, and after removing all the cost and expenses, about 38 to 40% profit is left in hand. Is.

In the smallest model (kiosk model), the average earning at the end of the month is around 40 to 45 thousand comfortably, which increases with time to reach 60 to 70 thousand comfortably.

Brand helps in finding shop and good location

Chaai seth has been in the forefront of providing good support to its franchisees from the very beginning. It helps at every step in finding a good location and in everything, that is why Chaai seth was selected for the India 500 Startup Awards and Go Global Awards 2021 in the past.

Let us tell you that Chaai seth is a startup authorized by the Government of India.

Not only tea, you get different types of food items

There are basically 3 models of Chaai seth in India-

Kiosk or Takeaway – (Full cost Rs.6 lakhs)

Cafe– (full cost Rs 11 lakh)

Premium -(full cost Rs.17 lakh)

Let’s say that even in the smallest model (kiosk model), Chaai seth offers 8 types of tea, 1 coffee, burger, maggi, french fries, which collects a good crowd from the beginning.

Public is loving their tea and fast food

After doing so much research from time to time, Chaai seth is able to give a great taste to its customers, which is very much liked by the people.

How to get Chaai seth’s Franchise?

Chaai seth sees some merit in offering his franchise, basically Chaai seth is not just focused on money.

You can talk to the company by filling the form on Chaai Seth’s website

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