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NEW DELHI, INDIA: Former Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s’silent’ resignation has created a stir in the country’s political circles. On May 16, former Union Minister Sibal issued a ‘brief’ resignation letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. According to a party insider, his departure was “amiable.”

According to reputable Sibal camp sources, his brief letter of resignation emphasised the “opportunity that party leadership” provided the senior leader and how “it’s time to move on” now.

Surprisingly, Sibal, who has emerged as one of the Gandhis’ harshest adversaries in recent years, has left the party quietly. His resignation was kept secret for nine days till he submitted his Rajya Sabha nomination as an independent supported by the Samajwadi Party.

Even top Congress officials were unaware that the former Union minister, who was also a major member of the G-23, a group of Congress dissidents, had resigned from the party on May 16.

Sibal was also largely ignored by Congress. “It was an amicable split between the two (Sibal and Congress),” stated a senior Congress politician who is also a CWC member, adding that “Sibal’s withdrawal would have a major influence on the G-23 camp.”

“This was unexpected from Sibal. He had a lengthy association with Congress. Congress offered him a position and high regard “Tariq Anwar, a prominent Congress politician, stated “Everyone has goals. He is free to choose his own path in life “He stated.

“Congress was in control for 70 years,” Anwar said when asked why leaders were leaving the party. When it is not in power, many people who do not want to strive and only desire power leave for better pastures.”

“We appreciated Kapil Sibal for his dedication to the philosophy [of the party], and I hate to believe that he took this choice only for a Rajya Sabha seat,” Congress spokesman Pawan Khera stated.

“We must recognise that whether we are ministers or Congress spokespersons, we owe a great deal to the party.” “The party owes us nothing,” he continued.

“The question is whether people leaving the party are ready to fight on public concerns or are they merely departing to satisfy their own goals,” AICC in-charge Tripura Ajoy Kumar stated. The struggle is difficult, and not everyone is up for it.”

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