Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Early on Thursday, the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Disneyland Resort were hacked, resulting in a number of offensive posts that were later removed, according to Walt Disney Co.

The entertainment juggernaut issued a statement saying, “We acted promptly to delete the disgusting information, lock our accounts, and our security staff are initiating an investigation.”

A person who claimed to be a “great hacker come to exact retribution against Disney land” posted offensive and racial remarks on Instagram, according to screenshots of the messages that were published online.

On Instagram, Disneyland has roughly 8.4 million followers.

A Reuters request for comment was not immediately answered by Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram. The Disney Blog wrote about the incident in a blog post, recalling how a hacker posted four photographs on the Disneyland Instagram account under the alias “David DO” at roughly 6 AM ET (3.30 PM IST) on Thursday.

These posts appeared to be directed towards “Jerome” and some of the “Disney employees,” and they included homophobic and racial insults.
Other accounts were flagged by the hacker. If the accounts belonged to the hacker’s buddies is still under investigation.

The largest data breach apparently occurred in China, when a hacker allegedly acquired personal information from hundreds of millions of Chinese residents and is now reselling it online.

The hacker published a sample of 750,000 items online, including names, cellphone numbers, national ID numbers, residences, birthdays, and police complaints submitted by individuals.

The authenticity of some of the citizen data in the sample has been confirmed by the AFP and cybersecurity specialists, but it is difficult to estimate the size of the complete database.

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