Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Excise duty on gasoline would be slashed by Rs.8 per litre, while diesel will be cut by Rs.6 per litre, according to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Imran Khan, the former Pakistan Prime Minister, praised India for buying inexpensive Russian oil despite “US pressure,” stating his administration was aiming to attain the same goal with the support of an independent foreign policy. He slammed the government of Pakistan’s Muslim League (N) for “running around like a headless chicken with the economy in a spiral.”

“Despite being a member of the Quad, India was under to US pressure and purchased inexpensive Russian oil to help the masses. This is what our administration was aiming for with the support of an independent foreign policy,” the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader stated on Twitter after learning of India’s move to lower petrol prices.

The central government decreased excise duty on gasoline on Saturday, slashing the price of petrol by 9.5 per litre and diesel by 7 per litre.

India’s purchases of Russian oil have increased dramatically at a time when Western countries have put devastating sanctions on Moscow in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, causing many oil importers to avoid doing business with Russia.

According to Reuters, India increased its purchases of cheap Russian oil to combat inflation, bringing the country’s crude oil imports to their highest level in three and a half years in April.

Khan said that his administration intended to do something similar to help the people, but that “Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs submitted to foreign pressure demanding a regime transition,” alluding to historical characters who purportedly abandoned their master.

“Pakistan’s interest was paramount for our government,” the former PM tweeted. “Unfortunately, the local Mi Jafars and Mir Sadiqs submitted to external pressure imposing a regime change, and are now running around like a headless chicken with the economy in a tailspin.”

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