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Naturally, Tea is significant to Indians, and Chaai Seth was founded in 2015 to preserve this value when co-founder Arpit Raj enrolled in his college to pursue his bachelor’s degree.
After being hired and beginning work in New Delhi He made the decision to leave his boring 9 to 5 job later in 2019 and pursue entrepreneurship instead. Chaai Seth, India’s top chai franchise, has gone a long way and reached dizzying heights of economic success in a short period of time. Chaai Seth began with 60000 rupees and went on to develop a tea-based food and beverage retail network that is spread throughout India.

Recently they announced Free Lifetime Chai To Neeraj Chopra, the Olympic gold winner. He will receive lifetime tea service from the fast food chain Chaai Seth at all of its locations throughout India. In addition, they are providing the Agniveers with a package worth 50 crores by giving them a franchise at a 50% discount. After finishing their separate service terms, Agniveers who want to join them as franchisees would be eligible for the bonus.

Every paid worker, it should go without saying, has the desire to leave their current position and start something new that will both fulfil their need for independence and contribute to the happiness of the employment generation. Similar to Chaai Seth, who triumphed in 2015 after emerging from a thought to launch a lucrative business.

With creative concepts and unconventional approaches at his disposal, 24-year-old Arpit Raj, an MBA in marketing, and his partners Kumar Prateek and Radha Krishna Kala were able to get their tea and fast-food brand, “Chaai Seth,” into the minds of potential customers and like-minded individuals.

In addition to Chaai Seth, the founders also run a number of other businesses, such as Wynswell Global Business Services, which specialises in taxation, and Professional Services, through which they already fill out Free ITR forms for members of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy.

A hot cup of tea soothes the throat more than anything, and discovering the many types of tea may be a delightful experience in and of itself. Chaai Seth, the top chai business in India, offers more than 20 excellent and genuine Indian tea kinds, from plain black tea to flavoured tea. Given the rising popularity of Indian food, it’s difficult to find a flavour in Chaai Seth that you don’t enjoy. In addition to offering delicious fast food items including burgers, sandwiches, Maggi, and coffee, Chai Seth is a fast food chain.

The Chaai Seth franchise concept is accessible in kiosk, cafe, and premium varieties and is rather simple.

Chaai Seth takes care of employee training, raw supplies, and invoicing software, freeing up the franchisee to focus on operating the business effectively and quickly. With a little initial investment, anyone in India between the ages of 21 and 55 may now start their own company and take ownership of a branded chai store in any city.

“On average, we receive 90 to 100 franchise ideas each day from all around India,” said Chaai Seth’s co-founders. This indicates a substantial percentage of our franchise requests are turned down. Instead of additional outlets, we prefer higher-quality ones. The number game is not something we are interested in doing.

Chaai Seth’s franchise qualifying requirements

Geographic Aspect

  • Corner properties on the ground floor near traffic intersections are desired. (A basement isn’t necessary)
  • Strong foot traffic and a relaxed audience.
  • All age groups should be represented in the crowd.
  • Plenty of room for parking and standing (for Cafe & Premium Models)
  • Convenient to a bus stop, train station, hospital, and schools.
  • Office cafeteria, mall food court.
  • The required area varies depending on the franchise model.

Age range

  • From 21 to 55 years old.

Financial Dimension

  • A 650 minimum CIBIL score
  • Rs. 6,00,000 in liquid cash for a kiosk model

This is the perfect chance for you to start your own company using Chaai Seth’s franchise and create jobs because the chai market is growing significantly.

One can fill the franchise form mentioned on Chaai Seth’s official website”:, complete the franchise application. To learn more about being a Chaai Seth franchisee, the Chaai Seth team will get in touch with you, or you may call them at the number shown on their website.

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