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The largest gas transmission and distribution company in the country, GAIL (India) Ltd, plans to invest in start-ups operating in identified focus areas like natural gas, petrochemicals, energy, and electric mobility in an effort to support them. This initiative is called “Pankh,” and it was created to support startups.

The company said in a statement that it has “opened a fresh round for soliciting investment proposals from the startups operating in focus areas” that primarily include natural gas, petrochemicals, energy, project management, logistics, electric mobility, bio manure marketing, nanomaterials, IoT and data mining, environment, health, and social.

The GAIL website has information on the emphasis areas.

“Startups interested in equity investment from GAIL can submit an application using the GAIL website’s “GAIL Pankh” link. through July 31, 2022, the current solicitation round will be available “It was ad.

GAIL has plans to start distributing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) output earlier last month in order to deliver the fuel to customers.

In a statement, GAIL stated that it planned to start distributed LNG production as a first-of-its-kind endeavour in the nation with the goal of meeting demand from off-grid places and the transportation industry.

The business claimed to have ordered two small-scale liquefaction skids that can produce LNG on a trial basis.

Mobile liquefaction skids powered by patented technology would be used to achieve liquefaction, it was claimed.

According to the business, “These facilities will aid in the distribution of natural gas through the liquefaction of gas at isolated fields, in new CGD (City Gas Distribution) regions, and will promote the establishment of LNG fueling stations and in bunkering.”

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