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It’s always fascinating to imagine fantasy situations. The finest cricketers of prior eras competing against the best of today’s. What might have happened if, say… Either Rashid Khan or Allan Donald were to bowl to Sachin Tendulkar or Rohit Sharma, respectively. If Glenn McGrath had bowled to KL Rahul or Jasprit Bumrah had faced Brian Lara, who would have had the last laugh? We are unsure. Wasim Akram, one of cricket’s greatest players, is aware of his strategy if Virat Kohli had been the target of his bowling in his heyday.

One of the finest batters of the present generation, Kohli has dominated all opposition in world cricket. But what would it have been like if he had stood his ground against the late Pakistani captain Akram? From Akram’s perspective, his strategy is in order.

“I would have been really confident. He would be down two wickets if he entered the batting at 3 or 4. I would launch an attack if he was inexperienced. will cause the ball to pitch on the middle stump and swing either in his direction or away, “On Nashpati Prime’s “To Be Honest” programme, Akram stated.

“I would switch to Plan B, bowling the bouncer, if that doesn’t work. The fielder should be placed in the deep, then brought back inside. It’s crucial to take several of these minor chances in order to defeat him.”

In an ODI match against New Zealand in 1984, Akram made his Pakistani debut. He revealed how the legendary Javed Miandad discovered him. After taking 916 international wickets over the course of a 19-year career, Akram went on to become the greatest left-arm fast bowler of all time. It was Miandad who first saw Akram and was impressed by watching a young Wasim bowl in the nets. Akram went on to become one of Pakistan’s greatest captains, leading the side to the 1999 World Cup final in England.

“Me, chosen by Javed bhai. I later met Imran Khan after joining the team; this occurred in Australia in 1985 “said Akram. “He spotted me bowling in the net, which is where I was at the time. He was impressed, and my first FC match was a three-day contest versus New Zealand. The night was sleepless for me. He was very at ease during the opening innings.”

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