Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
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Wilfred Billy Heaven, president of the Jamaica Cricket Association, expressed thanks after receiving 100 cricket kits from India President Ram Nath Kovind, saying it is a great occasion for his country. When Team India visits the West Indies and plays at Sabina Park, Jamaica Cricket earns the most, according to Heaven. “When India plays in the Caribbean, a large number of spectators watch the matches between India and the West Indies. When Team India comes to play in the Caribbean, we make the most money, and it’s our main source of revenue at Cricket West Indies “Heaven said the ANI news agency.

President Ram Nath Kovind, who is on a four-day visit to Jamaica, presented the Jamaica Cricket Association with a symbolic gift of cricket kits as a sign of the two countries’ cricket collaboration.

“This is a wonderful occasion for both me and the Jamaican cricket community. As the Jamaica Cricket Association, we are overjoyed that this gift is coming from India, which is known for its gigantic cricket. We’ll be receiving 100 kits, which is a lot. Half of them will be sent to high schools, according to plans “Heaven declared.

The Jamaica Cricket president went on to say that this would only strengthen the relationship between the two countries since there are many young cricket fans in Jamaica who want to play in the IPL like Andre Russell and Chris Gayle.

“Students in this area want to play, but it is too expensive. Following that, you could notice a slew of young Jamaican cricketers. They will participate in the IPL, which presently has 17 Caribbean players, four of them are from Jamaica. This would boost India’s relationship with Jamaica “he stated.

A cricket development programme has also been formed to encourage future cricketers, according to the Jamaican cricket president.

“At the young level, we have devised a cricket development programme. A lot of young guys are coming through for us. In the years to come, many pacers and batters coming up from Jamaica,” he said.

(with inputs from ANI)

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