Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Parthvi Mishra is the founder of Decan Media, India’s leading PR and digital marketing firm. Decan Media, based in Bhopal, is a well-known name in central India for digital and public relations services. Parthvi has a Master’s degree in Advertising & Public Relations and four years of experience, making her the ideal combination of education and on-the-ground competence. She has a clear goal of creating an example of business success for women and adolescents, believing that there is much more to life than 9-5 shifts. Parthvi started her career as a digital marketing manager in a Delhi-based business, where she worked for a year and acquired the desire to be her own boss.

She left a well-paid position to create her own firm, Decan Media. She worked hard to gain her first couple of clients because she didn’t have a ‘God Father’ in the sector. She quickly accumulated a large number of large tasks by putting in consistent work and attention. She is determined to turn tiny enterprises into scalable brands, and she is conducting extensive study and planning in order to do it.

In terms of her firm Decan Media and its services, she hopes to provide technical assistance and IT services such as web and app development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, branding, and public relations through the company website Customer service, complaint resolution, and recruitment all at one place. Her crew is well-trained and prefers to go above and beyond to ensure the success and pleasure of her clients. Entrepreneurship, she believes, is the only way to not only earn money for yourself but also become powerful enough to create jobs for others. Her originality lies in the way she and her team stay on top of trends and help their clients’ businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.

She now plans to open regional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi, with the goal of providing digital and public relations services across India. Parthvi is an excellent example of what young women may do if given the opportunity to fly.

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