Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Officials said the North Delhi Municipal Corporation requested a thorough report from Narela Zone authorities on Saturday, detailing the kind of area and estimated year of construction of the structure in Mundka where a major fire broke out, killing at least 27 people. Family members were still seeking for their loved ones as police reported 29 individuals missing.

Commissioner Sanjay Goel of the NDMC has requested that the problem be given “high attention” by the local civic authorities. The information must be supplied within 48 hours, according to the notification, which also said that the fire was caused by a short circuit.

The NDMC has requested information on the sort of area where the building is located, including whether it is residential, agricultural, or Lal Dora. According to the message, it asked the building’s tentative year of construction and height, as well as if the structure was old or new and whether any development was happening. It has inquired as to whether the building proposal was approved or not, and if not, why. Also, the purpose for which the building was being utilised, whether it was legal or not, and whether or not the occupant had gotten a NOC from the fire department.

Details on factory licences, trade licences, conversion costs, property tax, and other municipal dues that have been paid or not have also been requested. The NDMC has also asked if any show cause notices or other penalties have been issued in the past for any violations pertaining to the building.

The message further stated that if there is any form of lapse on the side of any NDMC municipal official, and the suggested action for it. On Friday, a fire broke out on the first floor of a building that contains a CCTV camera and router production and assembly firm.

A senior fire department officer noted earlier in the day on Saturday that the Mundka building had a single access and exit point, which might explain the large number of victims. The structure also lacked a fire department no-objection certificate (NOC), according to the officer.
The death toll might grow to 30 people, according to the fire brigade, after charred bodies were discovered in the structure during cooling operations on Saturday morning. A hospital in this city was treating twelve injured people.

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