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Divya &  Kaushik are a couple and they started Lakshyabags in 2013. Divya had earlier worked for 13 years as a software testing professional in multiple MNCs including HCL, TCS, Indium, Banca Sella and Amazon India. Kaushik was a marketing and sales professional who worked for 14 years in software and IT hardware sales and marketing in HP & Thinksoft Global Services.

Kaushik & Divya | Founders- Lakshay Bags

While we were comfortable in working in IT, the urge to do something by ourselves overpowered it. Kaushik first joined the firm to grow it and later Divya joined after knowing this will be our journey.

Divya in her words recalls the journey  “In late 2011 there was an urge to create a small handbag for myself. I sat with my mother in law and we made a small clutch to match our silk sarees. This was highly appreciated when she went to her small gathering. My mother in law Mrs Chitra Mohanakrishnan has been a part of the company and has contributed immensely in streamlining the production activities.”

“We then made a couple of pieces as return gifts for a small function we had at home. They started carrying it around and a friend of hers wanted 100 pieces. That was when we started our operations in our garage.”  

Then we saw a large market for bags as return gifts and started making more designs.

By 2017 we started making end use products like Totes, Travel Bags and grocery bags which came into vogue because of the plastic ban.

Kaushik states “Our company employs 85% women, we are a women empowerment focused brand. Most of our products cater to women. 95% of our sales network is women entrepreneurs. There are now more than 2500 of them.”

“We go by the following principles

  1. Every product is a quality product which comes with a value for money proposition
  2. Every one in our sales network gets respected and we go by our word
  3. If we cannot do something we tell them outright
  4. We also provide on-time shipments within the same day or the next business day upon payment.”

We have a huge product range of more than 75 different products starting with giveaway bags, purses, pouches, totes, grocery bags, travel bags, laptop bags, back packs and many innovative products.

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