Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Kurkure namkeen, which is owned by Pepsico India, has launched a new television marketing campaign for its ‘chatpata cheese’ variation. According to a press release issued today, the ‘Videsi Mein Desi Chatpatapan’ campaign would be “360 degrees” across numerous channels and social media. Wunderman Thompson developed the TV commercial that debuted today, which begins with two families sitting across from each other drinking tea. The grooms’ family is Indian, while the other is from outside, and they are discussing the fact that their children would get married shortly. The disapproving Indian mother is critical of their relationship and communicates her unhappiness to her son, suggesting that he would be better off marrying someone of Indian descent.

While doing so, she presents the namkeen snack to the girl’s parents but instead tells them in English that she is pleased with the union. The girl’s mother answers in Hindi, “chal jhoothi,” surprising everyone in the room because she understood all she told her son in Hindi previously. The 35-second commercial concludes with the groom’s mother being asked in English by her staff whether she wants some tea, which surprises her again more.

“We put our consumers at the core of everything we do by developing advertisements that highlight unique, yet relevant modern Indian family interactions,” said Neha Prasad, associate director, brand marketing, Kurkure, PepsiCo India. With our new television commercial, we hope to turn each family time into an exciting one.

“This brand now comes life a new flavour by dramatising the union of the crunch with an international flavour,” said Ritu Nakra, senior vice president, Wunderman Thompson.

According to Statista, the country’s potato chip industry was valued at about $2.6 billion in 2017 and is expected to expand 18.7 percent to $5.5 billion by 2022.

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