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In order to spend more time with his wife Deepika Padukone while taking a little vacation from his job obligations, Ranveer Singh chose to bring her along to the Konkani conference. Naturally, the actor won the audience over with some precious “aww” moments he shared with his wife, and in the middle of all the “baby” talk in B-town, the couple also discussed having children.

Readers are likely aware that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s union was a typical “2 states affair,” where the actor is from a Konkani family and the actress is from a Sindhi family.

The couple was open and honest about having children and teaching them their mother language while sharing their tale at the Konkani conference held in California. In the course of the conversation, Ranveer also revealed that he continued to learn Konkani. Deepika added that he chose to do so even though he didn’t speak Sindhi, his mother tongue, at the time.

As admirers gushed over DeepVeer as they talked about having children, a video of them on social media went viral. He acknowledges in the video that he can speak Konkani and says, “There is a reason for this.

Jai Julelaal, if we do have children, I don’t want their mother to speak to them in Konkani about me if I can’t comprehend it. Moving the conversation forward, the husband’s wife Deepika chimed in, “So, sweetheart, I want to learn Konkani. So, he comes up to me one day and says that, and I fell for it that day. It’s extremely nice, I said. Later, it was revealed in chats that he didn’t want to learn Konkani but rather that I didn’t want to set the kids against him. Ranveer said, “Of course, I don’t want them to converse in a code language,” to the same.

Without a doubt, their hilarious conversation had everyone in the room in splits. Intriguingly, Deepika also admitted throughout the interview that Ranveer doesn’t speak Sindhi. She remarked, “Of course, I’d love to learn Sindhi. Except that he is not familiar with Sindhi. In contrast to how I am attending a Konkani conference, he cannot attend a Sindhi convention. Ranveer, on the other hand, wryly said, “Arre, look at my solitaires, I am qualified.”

Fans even left comments on the video urging the couple to become parents as soon as possible. The video received a lot of views. The last time the pair had a big-screen appearance was in 1983, when they portrayed real-life husband and wife Kapil and Romi Dev.

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