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A cow in northern Ukraine has been limping since a Russian strike that has been replicated on farms around the nation since the war started tore one of her hind legs off with shrapnel.

In Mala Rogan, a town located about 25 kilometres (15 miles) south of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, the four-month-old infant escaped bombardments that killed almost a third of the animals at the meat and dairy plant.

Owner Lyubov Zlobina, 62, describes the attacks on March 26 as a “horror” and that she is “haunted by the moans of cows burnt alive.”

She stated, referring to the injured heifer, “I latch on to this tiny miracle,” while background gunfire could be heard in the distance.

She said, “I gave her medicines twice, but unfortunately the wound is still bleeding and she isn’t gaining weight.

“Maybe she could become better if we could remove the shard. We cannot transport her too far for surgery since it would be necessary “Zlobina, clearly upset, stated. Mala Rogan was taken prisoner by Russian forces in the early stages of the conflict. They have since been beat back, leaving behind a battle-scarred hellscape.

Zlobina’s husband, who had previously served in Afghanistan with the Soviet army, gave AFP journalists access to multiple recordings shot during the assaults.

Mykolai Zlobin, 57, remembered how the hay in the shed caught fire: “We were rushing in every direction out of the shed.” The head of a cow that was giving birth was cut off.

Explosions were dropping all around the terrified herd, and they had to use a tractor to tear a section of wall down in order to free the trapped cows.

Zlobina added, “I attempted to save a few piglets, but their moms were guarding them under their bellies. She said that the chickens continued to cluck and peck despite the incident as if nothing had happened. Yulia Koval, a 38-year-old farm worker, claimed that as she was rushing calves out of a farm building, a portion of the roof collapsed.

“Everything around us was disintegrating, so we might have refrained from doing it. However, she claims that we were pressed for time. All we wanted to do was save them.”

Since then, animals with severe injuries have have to be euthanized.

“Attacking the cows”

The shed is currently a burned-out, rusty shell. In contrast to many farms in eastern Ukraine, the farm’s neighbouring fields are home to animals that graze and roam around.

A quickly built shelter provides some protection for the young and most fragile animals, but a more durable option will need to be found for the winter.

The war has wreaked havoc on farms and agricultural areas throughout Ukraine. Russian bombardment frequently results in significant losses, according to local media.

According to official statistics, since Russia invaded on February 24, 15% of the nation’s cattle may have perished.

According to a June assessment by the NGO Open Cages Ukraine, by the end of the year, the fighting would have claimed almost 300,000 farm animals.

Exhausted and malnourished stray dogs that were left behind by their owners when they fled to eastern Ukrainian towns and cities are also wandering the two-hectare property near Mala Rogan.

Zlobina points at her as she attempts to hide and says, “Look at this wounded sheep with her three lambs.”

She was attacked less than a day ago.
“Initially, the canines devoured the corpses of abandoned Russian soldiers, and occasionally we discovered a foot or a hand on our property. They are currently assaulting the animals “She spoke.

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