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Less than a day later, Eknath Shinde, the man who pressured Uddhav Thackeray into leaving last night, will take over as Chief Minister.
Devendra Fadnavis of the BJP, who was widely anticipated to be the new chief minister of Maharashtra, declared the surprise conclusion to a nine-day drama. The news outlets stated throughout the day that Mr. Shinde will serve as his deputy.

Before landing in Mumbai today, where he had not been for more than a week, Mr. Shinde informed reporters that talks with Mr. Fadnavis over ministries were under progress. Nothing indicated that Mr. Fadnavis would not actually accept the top position.

Having held the position of Chief Minister twice, Mr. Fadnavis declared, “I will not be a member of the administration.”

Mr. Fadnavis, according to Mr. Shinde, had a “large heart.” “Nobody does this, but he demonstrated his enormous heart… a person with 120 MLAs Even the chief of a Panchayat or civic body is not allowed go. The Chief Minister has this position “said he.
Shinde, Eknath Uddhav Thackeray Defeated Again in His Role as Chief Minister
Replaced by Eknath Shinde (far left) is Uddhav Thackeray (extreme right)

Less than a day later, Eknath Shinde, the man who pressured Uddhav Thackeray into leaving last night, will take over as Chief Minister.

The BJP leader stated that Mr. Shinde will take his oath by himself tonight at 7:30. Mr. Fadnavis stated, “Expansion will follow,” in reference to other MLAs, including independents, who would join in the new administration, as a sign of the manoeuvring involved in splitting positions. In order to avoid criticism for his pivotal involvement in what began as a covert attack but turned out to be everything but, Mr. Fadnavis sacrificed his dream job.

Along with roughly 20 other Shiv Sena MLAs, Mr. Shinde betrayed Mr. Thackeray on Monday night in the middle of the night. Repeating what his father had said during the previous week, Aaditya Thackeray stated in an interview with NDTV that “we knew it” that the uprising had been simmering for months.

The Sena rebels spent eight days at a five-star hotel that was only available to ministers in the local BJP government after Mr. Shinde, who had collaborated with Mr. Fadnavis to plan the uprising, took his show on the road to Surat (a one-day stop), and then to Guwahati in Assam. With newcomers from Mumbai, their camp appeared to grow daily. Finally, Mr. Thackeray’s side had 15 MLAs; Mr. Shinde had 39 of the party’s 55 MLAs. The balance’s direction was clearly indisputable.

Minutes after the Supreme Court instructed him to demonstrate his majority in the Maharashtra Assembly today, Mr. Thackeray announced his resignation last night in a Facebook statement.

Mr. Thackeray’s team attempted to buy some time by requesting for a postponement of the vote.

Since the Sena dissolved its three-decade-long partnership with the BJP in 2019, Mr. Thackeray’s right-wing ideology has been seriously damaged, which is why Mr. Shinde turned against him. Instead, Mr. Thackeray merged his party with the Congress and Sharad Pawar’s NCP, becoming its Chief Minister. Aditya Thackeray today defended his father’s choice by saying, “To have three parties with various ideas working together for governance, that is democracy. He said that some of those who had deserted us had been indoctrinated by people with monstrous ambition.

Can you promise that another Sainik would become Chief Minister if I resign?, Uddhav Thackeray had posed as a question to the rebels. He wanted to emphasise that the BJP will use the Sena dissidents as a prop. The advancement of Mr. Shinde undermines that claim.

The Thackerays are currently in risk of slipping out of first place in the Sena. According to Mr. Shinde, with 39 of the 55 MLAs, his side is the genuine Sena, and as such, Mr. Thackeray’s group must follow Mr. Shinde’s directives and appointments.

The fact that the party his father created is no longer his presents Mr. Thackeray with his greatest difficulty. Aaditya Thackeray responded to a question on NDTV regarding the Sena’s viability without the Thackerays by saying, “Let those who have done this to us address that.”

They actually have. Control of the Shiv Sena is the subject of a legal dispute. The finest political showtime has arrived.

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