Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

The iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong sank on Sunday (June 19) due to “adverse weather” in the South China Sea.

Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises stated on Twitter that no staff members were hurt.

“The vessel faced bad weather while passing the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, and water quickly entered before it began to tilt.”

“Despite the efforts of the towing business in charge of the journey to recover the vessel, it capsized on Sunday.” The event has left the firm “extremely grieved,” according to the company.

Since 1976, the vessel, which resembled a Chinese royal palace, has served Cantonese food to celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise.

On Tuesday (June 14), residents bid farewell to the historic Jumbo Seafood Restaurant as it was carried away by tugboats from its 46-year home.

Jumbo discontinued operations in 2020 owing to a coronavirus epidemic. Covid-19’s parent business was unable to locate a new owner and lacked the cash to keep it running after months of limitations. Live TV

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