Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
Video shows many individuals assaulting a Turkish woman in Lahore, Pakistan.

LAHORE, PAKISTAN: A video of numerous guys harassing, assaulting, and abusing a lady outside a Pakistani Metro station has gone viral. According to the accusation and the footage, the woman was from Turkey.

The event allegedly occurs at the Azad Chowk Metro station in Lahore, Pakistan. The footage shows the woman being chased by a few males, who lead her to a fruit kiosk where an argument appears to take place. The woman then attempts to flee to the Metro station, but she is pursued inside by the males. However, India Today was unable to independently confirm the video’s authenticity.

The video was a chilling reminder of a similar occurrence in August in Pakistan, when a TikToker said she was beaten and tossed into the air by hundreds of people during the country’s Independence Day festivities on August 14.

That event had also occurred in Lahore. A video of the event went viral on social media, with reports claiming the woman in the video was groped and assaulted by a throng at Greater Iqbal Park, causing her garments to tear.

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